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Interior & Exterior Repairs

We can handle a wide array of masonry repairs including rebuilds, re-pointing, replacing of individual bricks, re-crowns, removal and replacing tiles, stucco repair, and more.

All of our masonry work is guaranteed by a water proofing additive called PWR.  We dry mix this into the mortar and then wet mix--by doing this it adds a permanent water proofing to the mortar.  This is amazing added value for mortar re-crowns as it will protect the top of the chimney and allow for proper water run-off.

Detailed Inspections

When we perform a standard inspection our sheet will tell you all the areas that need repair that we identify.  We then give you a few tiers of repairs if possible.  For example, a crown could get by with just some silicone caulk if damage isn't too severe; the next step up would be a crown coat which handles many hairline cracks if the crown is still stable; and the final step would be a full masonry re-crown.  We go over all these options based on your particular repair needs the day of the inspection.

Request a Quote

To request a free repair estimate please head over to our contact page and let us know how we can help you.

Before & After Repairs

Interior Repair 1 - (Click image to enlarge)

Exterior Repair 1 - (Click image to enlarge)

Interior Repair 2 - (Click image to enlarge)

Exterior Repair 2 - (Click image to enlarge)