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Unique Scenarios, Custom Products

As the majority of homes are different from one another and over time most will need repairs of one form or another the need for custom parts becomes necessary.  Very often you will not be able to find "that one little component from the 50's which was made by a company that hasn't been around for 20 years" and this is where our custom capabilities come in to play.

If we can not upgrade an existing product and must repair it, we have a metal shop we have been working with for 30+ years who is able to fabricate anything we need.

If for some reason they can not, we also have Olympia's custom shop at our disposal--the supplier of our stainless steel liners.  We supply the dimensions and material and they will fabricate it.

If you need something custom made but are not sure how, or what materials should be used, or if it will be safe or not please contact us and we will make sure you get the right parts for your individual application.

American Made Quality

We try to sell as much as we can that is made in the USA.  These custom parts are no different.  Our specialty metal products come from either Allentown, PA or Scranton, PA and are made to the same high level of quality as the other products we offer.

CAD Designed

Our custom parts are all CAD designed to make sure that the final product is to our exact specifications.  We strive to offer our customers the best product aided by the best technology.

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Examples of Custom Parts

Heavy Gauge XL Reinforced Top Plate (click image to enlarge)

Fireplace Surround Brackets (click image to enlarge)

Multi-Flue Cap Smoke Diverter Plate (click image to enlarge)